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For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, Tinder allows people to select “yes” or “no” on a photo of a particular person located in the same area.

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That person will have the same option, and if two people in the same area “swipe” yes to each other’s photo, it is considered a match and a the two users can decide to chat.

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Here are the top ten kinds of people you’ll find on Tinder at Penn State: 1. The One with Pictures of Themself Holding a Dead Deer/Trophy Animal Only in Central PA… Hipsters Probably too cool and intellectual to talk to you, most likely seen through a mirror selfie. The One Still Using Pictures of Themselves as a Hh School Atete You may have been the star quarterback at State Hh, but it’s time to move on. Schreyer Kids Their description probably includes the words “nice guy” and “engineering.” 8. Half of the fun of dating apps is seeing what kind of messages you get. She can usually be found at Saint’s looking up cat videos, or writing about music and stuff.

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The One Who Looks Nothing Like Their Pictures Don’t be fooled by good angles. That One Person You See Everywhere On Campus You see them everywhere from the HUB to the Creamery, and now on Tinder too. Freshmen Young and searching for their one true love. The One You Know IRL Despite the fact that a lot of students use Tinder, I always freak out when I come across someone I know. What’s not fun is having to worry about somebody watching you through your dorm window. Visiting Atetes They want to score more than just goals.

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